Hey trainers! Building a site with great content is an excellent first step for your students But how will visitors find the fruits of their labor? This is where your ability to explain SEO comes into play

As a Wix Certified Trainer, you’ll need to exemplify the steps that can be taken to optimize a site to boost search rankings Search engine optimization is a complicated process that can be difficult to explain to a novice website designer In this video, I’m going to share four analogies that capture the concept of SEO, and make the idea a bit more clear Using these comparisons, you will be able to emphasize your students the importance of SEO, and help them understand it better If you need a more indepth refresher on SEO watch our other videos on the subject

Optimizing a site for search engines involves a lot of moving parts, from naturally integrating keywords in the copy and alt text, to frequently updating content, to maintaining a social media presence It can be a lot to explain, let alone maintain Here are four ways to explaining SEO that we have found effective SEO is like fishing Think of the bait as keywords, to catch specific type of fish

The keywords that you sprinkle naturally throughout your copy will pull different kinds of searchers Simply dropping a line isn’t enough to catch a fish, you need time, and patience, The more experience you have, the easier it will be to match the right bait with your desired type of fish A way to think about maintaining SEO is like caring for a plant In order for the seed to grow into a flower, you have to plant it in nutrient-rich soil, make sure it is getting plenty of sunlight, and water it If you take all the right steps and nurture it, you could have a big beautiful flower

This of course takes a great deal of time, patience, and persistence With SEO, you have to consistently update content, and be sure you are using the best keywords To a dedicated site owner it will become routine Building up your SEO is also like leaving breadcrumbs in the form of keywords and backlinks Every effective keyword and link to your site is like leaving a breadcrumb for Google, leading back to your site

One breadcrumb won’t be enough to make a path, so you have to leave a bunch of crumbs to ensure a trail will be made back to your site Another thorough metaphor for how SEO works overall is comparing it to buying a house Think of the search engine as the realtor, and yourself as the person looking for a new home You could drive around to try and find for sale signs, and then knock on doors and see if the house is right for you Or, you could hire a realtor and tell them specifically what you are looking for: number of rooms, location, cost, and so on

Then the realtor can use their database to find you exactly what you want They will search for the best matches to your criteria and show you homes in the order of most relevant This is just like entering search terms into Google and finding results with matching keywords in order of relevance A realtor wouldn’t show you a house that doesn’t meet your needs, just as Google filters out poor-quality sites, or ones that would harm your computer Think of site design as the outside and landscaping of a home, inviting you to come in, and the content with SEO-rich text as the interior staging and design of the home

SEO is a crucial concept to understand You can also use Wix SEO Wiz to make SEO palatable It is a super helpful app to optimize your website, but a powerful educational tool Demonstrate using the app to show how different keywords are more effective than others, and go through the tasks on the SEO checklist that appears [card for seo wiz video] Getting found is a process that you will have to walk your students through, but a workshop, instructional video, or longer course, will only get them so far

It is very important to help them understand that SEO is a process, and results won’t be instantaneous You can’t expect to eat one salad and lose five pounds It take diligence, patience, and a little bit of know-how to get to the first page of Google But show your students is it possible and completely worth it to put the time in Thanks for watching!

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